IN DER STADT, ZEIT – Installation vidéo, Cologne 2011

Installation documentaire

Dans la ville, le temps.

Installation vidéo avec deux écrans et deux casques audio.


Réalisation : Stéphane Smogor, Marion Sarels et Marta Mesquida

Produced at the Urban Media Summit in the framework of the Urban Media Festival Cologne ’11.
Urban Media Summit Cologne ’11 is a project by jfc Medienzentrum in co-operation with partners from the international ROOTS&ROUTES network, funded by the EU programme YOUTH IN ACTION.
Urban Media Festival Cologne ’11 is a project by jfc Medienzentrum in co-operation with regional and international partners, including shnit international shortfilmfestival, funded by the LVR (Landschaftsverband Rheinland).
(c) 2011 by Mesquida/Michailidi/Sarels/Smogor, jfc Medienzentrum and ROOTS&ROUTES International Association.

Open Campus: Movies. Culture. Production.Workshops, exhibitions and events with cultural wide-angle: The Urban Media Festival Cologne 2011 got it all.

One week international campus with cinema, workshops and cultural events. Watch, discuss, join, be creative and grab some ideas: From October 2nd to 10th, the Urban Media Lounge at Alten Feuerwache Cologne will open doors for a second time. (Media) artists from across Europe are invited to create innovative and artistic media productions. In international production crews more than 40 artists from France, Belgium, UK, Romania, Italy, Greece, Denmark, the Netherlands and Spain will develop statements on on the topic of big city life in modern Europe. This can be short movies, documentaries, video clips or live visuals. The results will be presented at the International Short Film Festival SHNIT ( Urban life in Cologne, seen with 40+ eyes from 10 countries.

The Urban Media Festival / Cologne 2011

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